It is our mission to provide a way for businesses with physical locations to easily integrate video gaming and esports. We leverage our wealth of experience in the areas of IT managed services, development, and project management to efficiently deliver turnkey solutions for your business. We can architect solutions to fit almost any brick and mortar business, and help you capitalize on existing investments in your physical locations.


Jered Donda
Business Development & Strategy

Technology professional with 7+ years experience in business consulting, sales, IT managed services, project management, and solution development. He has a passion for addressing business challenges with creative technology solutions.

Shane Baker
What started as a hobby in PC building and modding in the late 90's eventually turned into a career in IT. Shane has 15+ years experience in Systems Engineering, Administration, and IT Management. He spent 5 years working on a private cloud platform within the AT&T ecosystem, and worked on many proof of concept designs for various clients throughout the country. He has leveraged this experience to develop a one-of-a-kind offering that will allow businesses with brick and mortar locations to capitalize on the exponential growth of gaming and Esports.
Kurtis Yoder

Kurtis is involved in various technologies across mobile and web development. He is passionate about learning new skills and ideas surrounding his work.